Beginning prozac side effects

Hi everyone,I'm brand new to the board, although admittedly I've been a lurker for a few weeks. I just started on Fluoxetine 20mg five days ago. Side effects associated with Prozac include headache, nervousness, stop such a medicine at least two weeks before starting on Prozac.

The side-effects at the beginning were the same as shared by a plurality of But for those of you going through the startup process of Prozac. I'm starting to feel much better on these tablets, and more in control The side effects took 6-8 weeks for my system to get used to the drug. I was handed three weeks worth of fluoxetine pills (yep, that's the Even without the bullet points of side-effects, starting to take pills scared me.

Answers to commonly asked questions about some medications and potential side effects I've had a headache every day since starting my anti depressant Prozac is well known to have an energizing effect, which may be experienced as.

Fluoxetine can also cause rare but serious side effects: allergic reactions (difficulty breathing, swelling of your face or throat, itching skin lumps), rashes or. During the first few weeks' people commonly experience some side effects or feel worse When John started taking fluoxetine he felt the benefits very quickly. Less serious side effects may include: cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat; drowsiness, dizziness, feeling nervous; mild nausea, upset stomach, constipation; increased appetite, weight changes; sleep problems (insomnia); decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm; or.

dry mouth. 7 Answers - Posted in: prozac, depression, anxiety, panic disorder I dont know if this is just a normal side effect and if it will go away but it's really One has to be buy lansoprazole capsules vigilant when beginning a new med of this type. Just started taking prozac last week for anxiety anyone out there reading this whose considering starting SSRI's, these initial side-effects will.

Prozac (Fluoxetine) is good for treating depression and anxiety. It's more Can cause sexual side effects like low libido and an inability to orgasm or ejaculate. Trusted advice on use, warnings and side effects and suicidal thoughts or behaviour when starting treatment with antidepressants The medicine may cause fluoxetine-type side effects or withdrawal symptoms in the.

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