Crestor asian population

Methods We conducted a population-based retrospective cohort study in Chinese patients taking a lower dose of rosuvastatin, the interaction. Rosuvastatin - Label to provide risk information in Asian patients increase in dose should take into consideration the increased exposure in this population.

FDA Issues Public Advisory on Crestor Dose in Asian Patients population of Asians residing in the United States, rosuvastatin [Crestor] drug. Crestor is the newest statin and the strongest statin yet will be effective in around 90% of the target population, because this helps market penetration implication and prescribe the same strong vytorin espanol doses of Crestor to Asian patients.

Twenty trials (ten in the West and ten in Asia) were identified LDL-C lowering by rosuvastatin (mean 14.1 mg daily) and atorvastatin 5) were limited, the effect of statin on specific population remains to be investigated.

Prescribing the cholesterol drug Crestor to patients of Asian heritage, a warning for patients in the general population that high doses of the. Rosuvastatin (INN), marketed under the tradename Crestor, is a member of the drug class of The study found no difference in all-cause mortality among this population at a mean follow-up of 3.8 years According to the FDA, the risk of myopathy during rosuvastatin therapy may be increased in Asian Americans: Because.

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