Dexamethasone injection horses

A corticosteroid injection Dexamethasone is indicated as an anti-inflammatory and gluconeogenic product for use in the treatment of arthritis in cattle and horses. After battling muck itch for 2 years I bit the combivent y embarazo and took the vets advice and put my horse on Dex.

The dosage written down for me is 5cc per. Dexamethasone is a polyethylene Glychol base 4 mg/mL - 100 mL Injection USP (Rx) Required; Free Shipping on orders over $75; For use in horses.

Aqueous solution of dexamethasone for intravenous, intramuscular or intra-articular injection for use in. Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Dogs and Cats. Where Is Dexamethasone Injection In Horses - Online Pharmacy Without Prescription. Absolute privacy. Free shipping. Buy Online No Prescription Needed. Distributor of Name Brand and Generic Veterinary supplies. Order Dexamethasone Injection For Horses online to treat severe allergies, arthritis, asthma, and skin conditions at an affordable price. Save more on shipping.

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