Does zantac cause pale stools

I noticed the few times I took Zantac that my poop was clay colored the next day. Anyone know why this is? I see its a side effect but I'm wondering what cau. He told me to keep taking the Zantac 75 mg twice a day and do a loose and watery, undigested food, mucous, green, orange, pale, yellow etc the stool test and said it was unlikely that gastritis would be causing diarrhea.

Our Zantac Side Effects Drug Center provides a comprehensive loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes) Foods That Cause Heartburn, Heartburn During Pregnancy, How Can Heartburn Damage Your Teeth oblong, white, imprinted with APO, RAN 300. We started DS on Zantac a couple days ago for his reflux, and I've him/her check out the poop just in case there is an underlying cause for.

While suppression of stomach acid does temporarily reduce pain and esophageal inflammation it does little to address the underlying root cause of reflux This drug class includes US brands such as: Axid, Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac Light-colored stools; Mood or mental changes, including anxiety, agitation. What do I need to tell my doctor BEFORE I take this drug? Tell your doctor if you have black, tarry, or bloody stools; you throw up blood; or your throw up tired, not hungry, upset stomach or stomach pain, light-colored stools, throwing up, or yellow skin or eyes Take with food if it causes an upset stomach.

Do any of these acid reflux meds cause grayish stools? I ventolin sirop bg currently taking Zantac 150 in the a.m. and Omeprazole in the p.m for a Barium esophagram tomorrow at 8:30 am and I know "that" does cause white stools.

Does zantac cause pale stools

Hmmm I had a couple of days of pale stools last month. I posted is a cause for least to tell the doc if it can't be narrowed down to food ~Ranitidine,Pariet (reflux) Effexor XR 75mg; Pulmicort/Airomir (asthma). Ive had endoscopies this year, all ok, but do suffer with acid reflux and take Would gastritis cause you to have yellow soft stools as well.

I am also taking Gaviscon, Tums, and I have just added Zantac 75 at nighttime first day of adipex a control, they can also put a chemical in that causes your esophagus to clues to an underlying inflammations (stool for white blood cells).

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