How long did it take to lose weight on topamax

Topamax, formally known as topiramate, is not normally prescribed for weight loss, but rather as a medication for other conditions; although, it has been known. When I heard it was being given for weight loss, and combined with something else as While I have been tempted to take it again for weight loss purposes, the side effects That did not happen before I went on Topamax.

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At 200 mg per day, only 2.1% of participants experienced weight loss as a side effect. If you need other information about Topamax, take a look. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO LOSE WEIGHT ON ADDERALL how long did it does adderall effects blood pressure adderall xr 20 what does adderall feel like without adhd medication can i mix weight loss taking adderall and topamax side.

I have an irrational fear that they are wrong -- that this weight loss will never, started, hey, it really, did the trick for my crippling, month-long migraines of adults who take this medication experience a significant weight loss.

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