How many rounds of clomid before bfp

How many did this and got a bfp and how many cycles did it take? Reply to post Artane pet store did 100mg Clomid, Trigger shot and IUI and got pregnant the 2nd time!

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Now my Erica are you going in for u/s and b/w before you trigger? Or, if it didn't work for you, how many rounds until you moved on the IVF? I did 6 cycles of Clomid OI before moving on to IVF.

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Back to top. Hi there everyone I've recently being diagnosed with PCOS and started 1st clomid cycle and was curious. how many cycles of clomid where you on. Hello ladies! It seems that every woman's ttc journey is different but I still have to ask (and compare).how many rounds and what dosage of Clomid did you.

Please add the following: Screen Name: Age: How long were you ttc before you were given clomid or another fertility drug? How many rounds were you.

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