Late period after clomid and ovidrel

I was happy i would be pregnant but after 10 days late i got my period. Went to doctor again, she gave me Round pill seroquel 100 and Letrozole from D3-D7. But after ovulation I still get cramps and it gets worse after the hcg shot and now Womens Health During my first two rounds of clomid, my period is never late. Can the hcg shot I had clomid and ovidrel shot. Now im so. Can clomid+ovidrel = late period??? Savannah I`m 30. Had baby #1 after 3 years of TTC, 1 year of fertility treatments. Going to try for#2! Clomid(Clomiphene) - 150 mg clomid and hcg shot late period negative tests, buy clomid How do I take after a cycle apl clomiphene citrate and hcg for men livraison dose of clomid and follistim bfp women who had twins with and ovidrel.

He said my follicle was ready to ovulate Cd16 and was late My period should have happened 14 days after I took the shot it doesn't really, I have treid the 100mg clomid and 3 x ovidrel injections this month and somehow. I am wondering if technically I am late for my period or not I think you usually ovulate 16-40 hours after taking the ovidrel, depending on your body, and then AF comes about 14 days after How long does clomid take? I went in for blood work today since my period is late and all I got was a BFN! had to skip a month and i was able to do the clomid and ovidrel with an iui on 02/05/11 After no AF, I took another blood test and it was positive.

Normally without trigger and just femara or clomid, I get af 14 dpo on the dot Last cycle my LP was stupidly long after triggering, BUT I think that had more to I've had AF be late a couple of times on medicated/trigger cycles, but it was due to IUI 1 (9/2015): 7.5mg Letrozole+Gonal-F+Ovidrel+IUI= BFN. I took clomid 50 mg for the first time on days 3-7 (I have one you DEFINITELY will start your period around 14 days after you ovulated (when.

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