No periods with provera

Today is my eleventh day off of the pill and no period At first I was bummed because of the negative test but now I am even more bummed that the Provera is not working The last time I took Provera it took 14 days after last provera pill for my AF to show.

Women with Withdrawal Bleeding. The test has demonstrated that she builds up a lining in the uterus.

No periods with provera

She bleeds after progesterone is withdrawn - showing that it is the lack of ovulation that is causing her not to have periods. I am 25 years old -have PCOS and have been ttc#1 for only 6 months. I have taken provera the last 3 and started my period right away but this. I have PCOS, my doctor prescribed me Provera 10mg for 10 days to start having a period again. i started in july and the 11th day had a very. After months of TTC and not getting periods or ovulating my doctor put me on provera to induce a period. I was on the 5.

No Periods With Provera

Provera is often given as the 'Progesterone (Provera) Challenge Test' to women who have no period and who are not pregnant. In the 'Progesteron (Provera) Challenge Test' 10 mg of provera is often given over 7-10 days and bleeding is expected within 2 weeks after the last pill. Hello ladies, I'm just trying to see if this has happened to anyone else. I was prescribed Provera(Medroxyprogesterone) 10mg.

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