Otc alternative to reglan

She is diabetic, has GERD and also Gastroparesis and the Reglan did help in digestion. Now we need an alternative as the gastroparesis is a.

Otc to alternative reglan

Over-the-counter remedies can be used by people with mild migraines These anti-nausea products include metoclopramide (Reglan) and. This is going to be a long horrible night. Please please tell me there is something I can otc that would be close to zofran to get me through. Please note: since this video was recorded, there have been increasing warnings about potentially serious cardiac-related side effects of.

With all the drug shortages going on we are looking at an alternative to zofran. I'm curious what other people are using and what people think is. Doctor insights on: Zofran Otc Equivalent. Share. Share Zofran, phernegan, reglan (metoclopramide) & their relations=anaphylaxis. OTC not strong enough. They belong to a pharmacological class of drugs called the substitute Similar to ReglanĀ® in its medical profile, levosulpiride is not available in North America.

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