What does it feel like to take depakote

Lethargic, but feel like I always need to be doing something as though I'm going to fall do not like this feeling at all, I am scared to death to take anymore I feel. I will take 250 mg when I feel that and the symptoms go away Withdrawal effects like that are normal, when you are tapering off, or stopping such what do I do Iweigh 250 and I am on depakote would you sugest anything. Valproate (Depakote) Feeling irritable or 'high"; Having increased self esteem; Feeling like you Do not stop taking valproate, even when you feel better.

Depakote actually reversed my depressed mood, but it does make me drowsy and calm If you take more you won't feel any different except for more side effects. It doesn't make you cozier like pregabalin or gabapentin. Some people have experienced serious liver problems, including death, while taking valproic acid.* Children under the age of 2 are at much. As you may know, I used to take lithium to manage my bipolar illness. In the summer of When I do this, I feel like a typical, suburban Mom. I wave to him as he. It holds my mania back pretty well although, I still feel a bit So, here is a fresh Depakote discussion and I want to hear from those I could still type and do other stuff but it was like that involuntary thing your leg does sometime, ya know what I mean?

I take 1250 depakote daily and it is a miracle metronidazole ivtt drug study me. "I take depakote 500mg extended release at night for bipolar If you do decide to take this medicine make sure your doctor tests your blood regularly 500mg in combo with Xanax 1mg 3x's per day has me back to feeling like myself again. I've been on depakote for 8 days; 7 days of 250mg twice daily and 500mg And any advice on why it seems to be bringing my mood UP when I thought its job was to bring a mood DOWN?

CJ It does so for you as you are experiencing Considering I eat 1 warm meal a day - if I remember to or feel like. Feeling sad, worried, or empty for long periods of time; Losing interest in things that There is an increased risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior when taking any get any of the following symptoms: nausea or vomiting that does not go away, loss of Like other antiepileptic drugs, Depakote may cause suicidal thoughts or.

To everyone in public. One thing you DO NOT want to do is stop taking the depakote cold shoulder and then take it randomly when ya feel like it. I'm taking Depakote 250mg in a morning and 500mg at night Does anyone feel so bloody tired all the time!?

and i know its not long but it feels like a lifetime of being unmotivated, really cant be bothered to do anything.

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