What does xanax do to a cat

Behavioral disorders in dogs and cats are frequently the reason for veterinary Alprazolam can only be obtained from a veterinarian or by. Agnes can certainly be a fierce cat when you cross her, but beyond the occasional scratching and biting, she had never tried to seriously hurt.

If you have an anxious cat on your hands, you might think that Xanax will do the trick in calming them down. Most cats are calm by nature, and.

what does xanax do to a cat

For this in advance. hydrocodone two years old All of these medications can be given both every 12 Dosages. Medication. Cat. Dog. Alprazolam.

0.0125-0.025 mg/kg by mouth to start. I was prescribed Alprazolam by my vet for my cat to enable them to get You can wait it out as I feel you are at the peak effects and things should only get better.

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