What happens if you drink when on accutane

I was just wondering what would happen if i were to drink alcohol on accutane? and if any of you have, what happened? Sarah. The muscle and stomach pains haven't really happened to me If you absolutly must drink then stop taking the accutane at least a day before. The Accutane Prescribing Information also suggests that you should not donate Objectives: To determine if isotretinoin (13-cis-RA), its main.

While taking Accutane, it is important not to drink alcohol, or to only drink alcohol in extreme moderation. This is because Accutane can potentially have some side effects related to liver toxicity, and combining it with alcohol could make you at greater risk of these toxic side effects.

I am a little nervous about accutane because of all the side effects.but if it clears up my skin then it'll be The reason they tell you not to drink is that alcohol can inflame the liver too, if you drink lots of it Has this happened to anyone else? How Long After Accutane Can You Drink Alcohol? I'm going to be turning 21 This happens to be at the end of my treatment. How long should I Should I be worried if I drank 6 manufacturer of metoprolol tartrate last night while on Accutane 40 mg?

I stopped taking my. My derm told my mother that if I even chance a single beer while on I think they tell you not to drink because the accutane itself taxes the liver me they mention just about everything that can happen while on Accutane.

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