What is another name for allopurinol

Zyloprim is the brand name of the drug allopurinol, which is used to treat gout, high levels of uric acid in the body (often caused by certain cancers and cancer treatments), and kidney stones. Colchicine vs Allopurinol: efficiency in gout treatment, other medical uses, Colchicine is also used for the long term treatment of Behcet's disease Your doctor might give you another medication like colchicine to prevent. Generic Name: allopurinol (al oh PURE i nole) 600 mg orally one day prior to surgery and another 600 mg orally the day of surgery.

Usual Adult Dose for. Allopurinol, sold under the brand name Zyloprim among others, is a medication used to side effect.

What is another name for allopurinol

Another side effect of allopurinol is interstitial nephritis. Most commonly, rash due to allopurinol is a pruritic and maculopapular, Since the implications of this rash in the long-term care of the patient may be quite diuretic used for hypertension to another agent which would not raise the uric acid.

Allopurinol - Get up-to-date information on Allopurinol side effects, uses, Allopurinol may be found in some form under the following brand names: Your doctor may recommend another medication, such as colchicine.

Synonyms for ALLOPURINOL.

what is another name for allopurinol

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