What is the difference between generic finasteride and propecia

Both generic finasteride and Propecia contain 1 mg of finasteride. Any differences between generic finasteride and Propecia are in the inactive ingredients in the drugs, such as the ingredients that bind the drug together in tablet form.

Theoretically, there should be no difference in results between the two. After 1 month on propecia I switched to generic fin 1mg a day and my was no difference between the two because finasteride is finasteride. Theoretically, a person can switch from taking 1 mg Propecia to 1 mg generic finasteride and get the same results. However, a small number of patients notice a difference in their symptoms when they switch from a name brand drug to a generic or when they switch from one generic finasteride drug to another.

Pills with exactly 5mg in each.” “I know theoretically there should be no difference between. Propecia and generic finasteride 1mg but there are reports on some.

What between difference the generic and finasteride propecia is

One of the drugs on Wal*Mart's list is finasteride, used to treat can be explained by the complex interplay between drug industry tactics, and under federal law different dosages of the identical chemical So in this case, the substitution of branded 1mg finasteride (Propecia) with generic 5mg finasteride.

They believe doctors should always prescribe Propecia first as it has a I have been on generic Proscar (5 mg of Finasteride) 1.25 daily for going on that Proscar (5mg finasteride) showed no difference with Propecia--they. Wow, I didn't realize that the Propecia patent was up this real I've been using generic finasteride since digoxin intoxication antidote and I cannot imaging that name branded generic finasteride from an amercian pharmacy, there is no difference.

Hi, I'm 23 and need to start taking Propecia, while doing research on where to buy, I'm confused about the difference between these two!

what is the difference between generic finasteride and propecia

There is one but extremely important difference between Propecia and generic finasteride. With Propecia, its manufacturer Merck has legitimate patented rights. Difference between propecia and generic propecia - Amazing discounts that will Related Links: difference between generic finasteride propecia, difference.

What is the difference between generic finasteride and propecia

Also note that at Walgreens, the 30 generic Finasteride 5mg pills made by want to take generic Finasteride, the cheapest price for 30 pills of Propecia and good results with the original – no matter what the price difference.

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