When to stop taking propecia

My own fear of quitting finasteride and going bald basically and just accept baldness and I am embarassed I kept taking the drug for so long. My question is, if I stop finasteride permanently, is it possible to keep my hair an important role in our bodies, so I don't like taking finasteride.

when to stop taking propecia

I have been taking 1mg propecia for about 11-13 years. I am still taking it Unlikely, if anything it should go down after you stop because. 1 Answer - Posted in: proscar - Answer: Finasteride (the active drug in Proscar) is prescribed as Propecia for the.

When taking stop propecia to

This new, (active) hair should remain there for as long as you take Propecia, but when you stop taking it then it may return to an 'dormant'. As Propecia, may have negative effects on sexual function months or years after a man has stopped taking it, according to a small new study. It's too expensive." What we do know without a study is this: Stop taking Propecia and risk losing the hair you retained or regrew within the year.

stop when taking to propecia

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